STAX: Deteriorating gauze on vintage earspeakers

How can I replace the gauze on my old STAX earspeakers?

These are the key points:

1.    The gauze is purely cosmetic. It is lightweight and open so as not to influence the sound. However because of this it offers no physical protection nor protection from dust. Or put differently, you can safely use your earspeakers without it. I used my old STAX Sigmas like this for years.

2.    Gauze can be obtained direct from the importer for next to nothing. Call Symmetry on 01727 865488 for this. Or email them as follows:

3.    The gauze fits between the ear-pad and the frame. It’s the only way to fit it. Older type pads are irreplaceable. Trying to remove any pad can be tricky because of the glues used. Some stick really tightly and need to be sliced away while others drop away and leave a nasty gunge. That gunge has to be removed before applying replacement pads - assuming you can still get them. Removal is rarely easy!

4.    So here’s what you do. First, decide if you really want all this hassle. If you do, then gently peel away (or try to) one small section of the pad. If it’s hard to do, then call Symmetry to see if there are replacement pads. If there are, then have some fun. If there are no pads, then abandon the project. If there are pads then great.

Good luck

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