PRINCE: Last Year of a Legend, review: this should have been fascinating, but the documentary lacked …..

The Telegraph

Prince’s death in April 2016 was a shock to his fans. The artist was only 57, he’d played lots of shows in the months leading up to it, and appeared spry and happy on stage. As far as we knew, he wasn’t ill. Afterwards, it turned out that he had suffered from chronic hip pain – "all the time", according to bandmate and friend Sheila E. – which led to a dependency on painkillers and the overdose that killed him. He rarely did interviews and cameras were banned from performances, which made the prospect of a documentary about his final year intriguing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Channel 4's Prince: Last Year of a Legend couldn’t offer much insight into Prince’s emotional life in the final year. In the absence of a will, his estate is still being wrangled over – 700 people came forward and claimed to be .....

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