LOGIC: Their Tempo/Datum?

My separate music system, currently MF A3.5 CD (impulse buy, and well pleased), Trends 10.1 t-amp, Royd A7 speakers (bought from new approx 1982). I have ordered a NVA pre/power amp which should arrive next week.  I also have the said turntable, complete with AT95 cartridge, which has lay unused for a number of years, I do have a large collection of vinyl and want to enjoy it all again. 

Whatever I do I will have to purchase a suitable phono stage, do I go NVA, Cambridge or ???.  Options:

  1. Stick turntable in and give it a go. What should I check so I do not do any damage to bearings etc?
  1. Sell turntable and buy Project, Rega or ?

I am leaning towards Option 1 as from what I can remember the Logic sounded pretty good, that was through Naim amps and SBL's, I do have a history of Linn/Naim flat earth tendencies but do not want to go to those lengths again. I am going to keep the Royd's at least until the turntable is sorted and see how it sounds, but any suggestions accepted.  Any help most appreciated.