KEN KESSLER: High-End Hi-Fi’s Glimmer of Hope


[Warning: If you are easily offended, or a Democrat, or earning less than $200,000 per annum and bothered by it, or are inherently antipathetic to those with money even if they’ve earned it by hard work, please skip this month’s column, because no apologies will be forthcoming.]

Human nature leads us -- no matter how hard we might try to resist -- to utter those chastising words “I told you so” whenever the opportunity arises. Along with wallowing in schadenfreude, I do admit that it’s ugly. But in this case, it’s deserved: the two most satisfying high-end audio launches I’ve ever attended took place this year, in exactly the manner I have been screaming about for a quarter-century, and they worked as I knew they would. So, to the sluggards and slackers and losers in the hi-fi business: I Told You So.

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