VINYL: How to open a record shop: Inside Love Vinyl, London’s newest record shop


Originally posted June 2014

Anton spice writes .....

If you’ve decided the read this article, chances are the thought will have crossed your mind fleetingly at least once in your life. Maybe I could open a record shop. It can’t possibly be as ball-breakingly stressful as people make out, can it? And yet, the adolescent fantasy (the twenties are the new teens, right?) of so many collectors and music fans to open or at least work in a record shops will for most of us remain just that, a pipe dream filed somewhere on the ‘things to do with my life’ list between living on a French vineyard and riding bareback across the Mongolian steppe.

However, for the lucky ones, that pipe dream is less of a feted sewage duct and more a polished briar smoker; a dream held confidently between thumb and forefinger, one to be .....

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