Have Harmony, Will Travel Vol. 1 (Peter Case, Juice Newton, Richie Furay) (CD)

Consists of twelve songs written by various writers and each recording features a guest vocalist.Carla's track by track notes in the CD's booklet gives some insight into how this album was created but why is also of interest. Basically the record is a tip of the hat to those that inspired her in her youth. And even when the song itself is of newer vintage the concept was still to revisit a more innocent and youthful approach to music. "I love this song, let's cut it" is how Carla put it as the song list began to take shape.Carla recorded a duet with Gene Clark, So Rebellious A Lover. Another critical success and what many feel was his last hurrah sad to say. (It features a few of his best ever songs: Gypsy Rider and Del Gato both of which Willie Nelson really needs to record!)Carla is also known as an accomplished songwriter having been covered by Percy Sledge, written with George Green (John Mellencamp's only major and regular co-writer), had songs in films and TV shows, most recently in Eastbound And Down.

Tracks: You Can Come Crying To Me (with Juice Newron) / Look What You've Done (with Bob Waller) / Love's Made A Fool Of You (with James Intveld) / Keep Searchin' (with Peter Case) / Still Waters (with Gary Myrick) / She Don't Care About Me (with Richie Furay) / All I Needed Was You (with Scott Kempner) / First In Line (with John York) / Stringin' Me On (with Juice Newton) / Upon A Painted Ocean (with John York) / 8:05 (with Peter Case) / Till The Rivers All Run Dry (with Bob Waller