Dear Sir … I found your website and thought that I would let you know that I still have the SRD5 Energiser but seem to have mislaid the headset. I bought them in 1969 and thoroughly enjoyed listening but I think the energiser developed a fault and I stopped using them. Your website made me think about searching out a new set on eBay.

I do have a considerable affection for the older-type STAX SR series of energisers and their accompanying earspeakers. In my office I have used and continue to use an SRD-6 with SRX Mk3. A terrific sound with a seductive type of coloration that I can’t quite achieve with modern designs.

You can pick up suitable 6-pin Normal bias earspeakers off eBay for next to nothing these days. Do please remember that spares for these older earspeakers are in very short supply and in some instances, totally non-existent. Bear in mind that if they go wrong (which is most unlikely) you’ll probably have to bin them.

Kind regards

Howard Popeck

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