DEAR DIARY: Lentek / Christopher Breunig / Editor Messenger / Harbeth / PRaT – and … a piece of fan mail

This first appeared here in 2008

Good day, yesterday. No sales, but no cause for concern either. Happily noticed that this site has just recorded the highest number of unique visitors and the highest number of visitor actions so far this year. I wonder why?

Took a quick look at Hifi Critic magazine. Very pleased to see that Christopher Breunig is getting the editorial space and respect he deserves. His reviews of classical music are a joy to read – even in their truncated form in Hi-Fi News. Felt good about his exposure in this increasingly interesting, advert-free and well produced publication. Very good in fact. Editor Messenger has invited me to submit a piece about the inability of some importers to invest in UK servicing facilities.

Got a rather nice and unexpected fan mail email. He wrote “Do you object to a bit of fan mail from someone who isn't (and may never be) a customer? It's just that I really enjoy your emails, website(s), freebie CDs, have been aware of you since the Camden Town days, and your occasional HFN articles. Harbeth and PraT If I was thinking of buying at the moment, your product lines get ever more interesting. LFD* and Harbeth would certainly be on my short list, and Benchmark is a very sensible addition. Anyway, good luck with it all, and one of these days, either equipment failure or house downsizing will mean that you will be top of the list when I am next investing in hifi.”

Stalked an initially silly (but it improved, later) thread on the Pink Fish Media forum entitled “Do Harbeths do PRaT?” The consensus there is that they do. Hmm – now I can sleep easy – and so can my Harbeth customers. Phew, that was close!

Best bit of the day was getting an audition of a prototype pair of tiny (3.2 litres apparently) 2 way speakers designed in the UK using a very new material for the cabinets. Stunned by the explosive bass response when used with the Under Dog subwoofer. Except they weren’t. This disturbingly good bass was without the woofer. The woofer was then switched on, and the same music played again. Err – wow. Amazing. Speakers and woofer designed to sell at £900 inc VAT. Was asked if I wanted to be exclusive London retailer.

Got a very kind invitation to write about the iconoclastic Lentek amplifier. The person suggesting this has offered to lend me the amp. Always nice to come across a gentleman. Now I figuring out how to accept the offer.

The Editor / Senior Moderator of The Art Of Sound forum has invited me to write as follows: “The subject of valves is 'hot' at the moment and I'm sure our members would enjoy reading your views on the subject, which are no doubt based on considerable experience. By all means use it as an opportunity to advertise brands you are selling and/or make comparisons between solid-state and valve designs in your product range. I've heard Manley stuff and rate it highly. The Steelhead is stunning!”

Sounds like fun to me. So I will. But when will I find the time? Hmm.

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