STAX: The 717 & Stax 313

Hi Howard. My question relates to both the 717 and 313 energisers. What can you tell me?

Hmm. Well ... I had to look up my notes from 2005 from my SimplySTAX days because off the top of my head I just couldn't remember. Anyway verbatim, here are my notes from that period. I hope they help.

Sonically, the 717 is more dynamic than the 313 and the bass is better defined on the 717. Also the perspective is more open and more ambient. Detail is pretty much identical on both energisers though to my ears. The 717 has balanced inputs as well as standard RCA / Phone inputs. The 717 unlike any other energiser has a by-pass button to remove the on-board volume control from the signal chain. Most importantly, the 717 is 2.77 times more expensive than the 313. The 313 is probably the best value energiser in the range.


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