One of the readers of this daily post, Bernard, suggested I remind us of some famous words from Linn founder, Ivor Tiefenbrunn.

“If you haven’t heard it, you don’t have an opinion.”

Now that’s fairly direct and to the point. I don’t personally know Ivor but from what I gather he was always that way.

It’s often tempting to pass judgement on something we’ve not personally experienced, which makes sense when we’re discussing extreme activities like parachute jumping, rock climbing, or daredevil stunt flying.

When it comes to offering an opinion on something closer to home like the differences a fuse or a cable makes, I am guessing the vast majority of naysayers have never actually taken the time to do the work of listening.

Where I will argue with Ivor’s statement is easy: everyone’s got an opinion.

And we read about those opinions as if they were facts. Valid or not.

Paul McGowan / PS Audio

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