BEETHOVEN: Eroica Symphony – an enthuiast’s helpful observations

Hi Howard,

So pleased to hear that a piece of classical music had such a profound effect on you. The problem is these days is that the recordings just aren't being made like they used to be. In schools many youngsters are not exposed to the breadth and depth of music that's available, past and present. They seem to have been bought up on a diet of radio one, rap, reggae and other incomprehensible stuff that i just don't get!!

Then enter the Internet. The positive side of music sharing encourages people, particularly the under 25's to try new things. It just amazing the effect this has had on some classics in the wider sense. Take for example the music of Weather Report, Jazz Fusion that was in vogue when i was a lad!! Due to it being rediscovered a new three box set complete with a DVD live concert recording was reissued last year. The same has happened to many other artists from yesteryear, the stones, 10cc, Bob Geldof, Bob Dylan, to name but a few.

I have always held the view that peoples musical tastes do change an mature as you get older. In my youth I just could not stand the likes of Beethoven or Mozart, BORING. Well not today. Having lived a Little longer now and experienced the ups and downs of life's journey I now find that its only some of the Classical masters compositions that really touch the soul. If you have not ventured into this area before can recommend a few things that might be of interest. Its quite an eclectic list so you might like to give some of them a try.

  • Schubert's String Quintet in C Major, D.956 - 2. Adagio. IMHO possibly the most beautiful piece of music ever written
  • Thomas Tallis - Spem In Alium
  • John Adams - A short ride in a fast machine
  • Aron Copeland - Rodeo and Appellation Spring
  • Igor Stravinsky - Petrushka and The Firebird
Howard's observation.

It's responses like this that make efforts seem so much more worthwhile. And I'm grateful. And I'm going to try all of these. So .... a very sincere thank you.