CONTENTMENT: Mental Tricks to stop overthinking about your system #2



SKILL #2 Recognise, acknowledge and embrace the fact that that overthinking and problem solving aren't the same thing.

Constantly ruminating and going over scenarios and possibilities before, during and after purchasing a piece of audio equipment – however costly - however highly regarded by marketeers (to whom you are merely and irretrievable no more than a statistic; make no mistake) often disguises itself as problem solving.

The problem is … it feels like you’re doing something good and useful. But you’re not, you’re just spinning in a circle. I still labour with this but far less than I used to.

So, I am alert to when I am overthinking something, and I strive not to act like it’s problem solving, and then I press my mental fast-forward button.

Thank you.

Finally ... I am indebted to Scott Mautz for the stimulus for this series. Thank you Scott.

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