FRANK ZAPPA: The Lumpy Money Project/Object (3CD Box)

The Lumpy Money Project/Object (3CD Box)

The Lumpy Money Project/Object is a compilation album by Frank Zappa. Released posthumously on January 23, 2009, it compiles the releases Lumpy Gravy and We're Only in It for the Money with previously unreleased material, with the overall package serving as a audio documentary of the production of the two albums, which share conceptual continuity themes.

  • The first disc consists of the 1967 version of Lumpy Gravy, as it had been released on Capitol Records, and the 1968 mono mix of We're Only in It for the Money.
  • The second disc consist of two remixes prepared by Zappa in 1984, with overdubs by drummer Chad Wackerman and bassist Arthur Barrow. The Lumpy Gravy remix derives from the 1968 edit; this third version of the album had not been released in full; an excerpt appeared in a sampler for The Old Masters box set.[1] The second remix, of We're Only in It for the Money had previously been released on compact disc in 1986
  • The third disc consists of studio assembly material and interviews with Zappa discussing the albums, as well as the single version of "Lonely Little Girl".
    All Music produced/composed & performed/conducted by Frank Zappa.

The Lumpy Money Project/Object Compiled & Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe TraversLiner notes: David Fricke Conceptual & Continuous Stuff & Text: Gail Zappa Production Manager: Melanie Starks Solar Dominance: Jupiter Cover Art, Package Design & Layout: Michael MeskerFZ Portrait Photo: Linda McCartney Mastering & Audio Restoration engineer, Discs One and Three: John Polito Mastering, Disc Two: Bernie Grundman All songs written and composed by Frank Zappa.

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