SYRINX: PU3 @ Audiophile Club of Athens


Back in late 1981, Scot Strachan unveiled his Syrinx PU2 to an unsuspecting world. It was a promising design, but strongly flawed in several important areas, such as resonance characteristics, ease of use and build quality.

Enter the PU3 in 1983, substantially evolved and with ultra low resonance and ease of set-up as its goals. At £291 it wasn’t cheap, but its quality and design flair were such that it seemed a bargain nonetheless.

An odd looking device, the PU3 is reckoned to be the first tonearm to feature a cigar shaped armtube to reduce resonances. Strachan once lamented the fact that few people gave him credit for this bright idea, although pointed out that Isambard Kingdom Brunel had actually used it in his bridges, some years previous! Despite its beefy looks, it’s a surprisingly low mass design. Weighing in at just 9g effective mass, it will get the best out of higher compliance moving magnets, as well as most moving coils. Cartridge weight range is 4 to 12g. Offset adjustment is done by  ..........

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