CELESTION: Unsung gems that slip the net … including Celestion

Since I got back into hifi this time last year I've been having a good time piecing various systems together and in particular trying out all sorts of speakers.

I've bought many sets now when they've cropped up ie Castle, Celestion, Ruark, Royd B@W, Naim and many others, some have been a great surprise and some have disappointed.

I take a lot of info serious on this forum and Kans and SBLs always seemed to be flavour of the month in the threads I'd read. These fired me up as it was always stated that these 2 models gave superb top end/treble performance and were fast and tight. This was something I was keen to try.

I loved my long term owned Arivas which I bought new and still do but always felt them a touch bass heavy so very recently took the plunge and bought a mint set of Mk2 SBLs on here. After setting them up correctly they are the first "keepers" I've found, I simply love them, and now believe what chaps said about them was correct, although I can still see why some may think them an acquired taste.

Anyhow, they now reside on the main system I've set up and will stay there. Decision was taken NOT to buy any more speakers after this and just choose a set from the stockpile to use with a second system I've set up........and take SWMBO's orders and get rid of some of the others:(

However sadly I had a phone call yesterday from a mate who said he knew someone who was selling his decent hifi bits and pieces off, I couldn't resist a peep but promised I'd come home empty handed.............I lied.

I was not interested in any of the stuff the chap had really..... except another bloody set of speakers, but these were different, they were tiny and wife friendly for once so I thought I'd get her an early Christmas present:D

I'm told they're 20+ years old but they were in absolutely stunning condition, so I bought them after a haggle, with no prior info. on them or any googlement. They are Monitor Audio S1's, never seen or heard of them before. I've never done "small" before as I'd always believed that size really did count:rolleyes:.

Well bloody 'ell, they are simply amazing, clarity I've heard before, I could swear they were serious top end stuff and not just budget-ish offerings. This was just playing them with them wobbling on top of another set of floor standers last night.

So guys, were these ever regarded in the hifi fraternity? I've never seen their praises sung or any glowing comments on them. As I say I did and still do fancy trying some Kans but would be amazed if the Kans beat these (which I think they probably would)....that means the Kans must truly be epic if they do.

The tightness, clarity and bass is just incredible., I love them and can't believe the performance irrespective of price, to me they are a sensational find. Anyone else rate them? or am I going overboard for nothing? I just need to get some stands for them now, any tips on what to go for lads?

Sorry for the waffle but these little things have surprised me more than any other hifi item I've bought..............and they never get a mention!!  I'd love to know if anyone else rates or uses these with decent equipment.