FM RADIO: The sound from a good device ….. WOW

"I was recently bitten by the FM bug through the purchase of a £19 Teac tuner to listen to The Proms. It sounded good enough to get me curious as to what a 'proper' tuner might sound like. So I started my search for the next rung up the ladder. Reading through the various options, I decided to go with something from Naim.

Fast forward to today and I now have a mint NAT03. I really am astonished by how good this thing sounds on a good live broadcast. It's just so musical, natural and listenable. Very happy indeed.

I'm very lucky to live close enough to my local FM transmitter to not need a roof mounted, multi-element aerial. The NAT03 seems to be happy enough with one of these ribbon jobbies from Maplin:

Any other radio guys here on PFM? If so, I'd be keen to hear of your experiences with the format

One thought on “FM RADIO: The sound from a good device ….. WOW

  1. Of course you knew someone was going to mention it, so it may as well be me!
    You are enjoying the sound of a digital PCM stream of 14 bits at a sample rate of 32 kHz, giving an audio bandwidth of 15 kHz, then the stereo multiplexing stuff and finally blasting over the airwaves as an analogue signal. Clearly the way to improve our supposedly clinical, artificial-sounding digital audio systems is to re-broadcast the DAC output with a small FM transmitter and listen to it on an FM tuner. There, said it. Sorry!

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