LECSON: Gale chrome beauties, vintage Quad and … Mr Lothar Kissinger

Howard Popeck writes .....

I've ‘known’ Lothar for some years despite never having met him nor sold him anything. That’s because in part we share a common audiophile history. He owns and uses some truly terrific state-of-the-art vintage equipment including, as you’ll see from the images, Lecson and Gale. My connection is that through serendipity at Subjective Audio I became the Lecson Global #1 retailer and through hard work the global #1 Gale one too.

Stupidly I sold my final pair of Gales in the late 1970s BUT I kept all my Lecson gear including an AC1, AP3 Mk2 and FM1. I should have kept my Lecson HL1 speakers too but …. was smitten by Bob (now Robert) Stuart’s mighty and magnificent M1 active speakers – both the 3-way and 4-way versions plus a customised pair of 3-ways with 6 external Meridian 105 power supplies. To make room, out went my HL1s

As an aside, the HL1s had, even by today’s standards, the most astonishing midrange ‘attack’ and agility. Certainly up there with my JBL L100 Century speakers and one or more pairs of Meridian M1s. Anyway … that’s enough about me.

I've invited Lothar to be a regular contributor. He’s thinking about it. He isn’t, he tells me, a professional writer. That’s good. It means, I think, that he’s free of flowery language. Do you get my drift?

So, what prompted all this? Well, here’s what he emailed me very recently. He didn’t anticipate it being published. So I sought his permission and he agreed. Over to you Lothar:


Howard – As promised a mail about a topic you might know a little bit!

One thing in advance: I know you have had and still have THE best Hifi worldwide for most of your business and private life, so my bits and pieces won't necessarily be something special for you, but for me they are! (Howard’s note, at one time he might have been correct but no longer. Apart from anything, I don’t have space for Vandersteen 7 speakers)

I am crazy enough to have built different systems in different rooms over the years....MUCH more than my poor aging ears need.

Room one, my favourites:

A little switchboard that switches between: Complete Lecson stuff including tuner and Quad 33 + 405 into ESL

NOW 33+405 had to stand back, replaced by Quad II valve amps, valve tuner and valve pre. NOW my favourites.

Room two:

Another switchboard that switches between: Lentek, Quad 606, Luxman, Cyrus pre, all into Gale 402 chrome. Needless to say: All the above in mint condition.

Especially my very first Quad valve stuff was PURE luxury for me and hardly affordable. (although I got a very good price)

I had to cut back my diet from caviar and lobster to spam for many, many moons...... <winking1.gif>

All valve Quads are in excellent, original condition and I am still busy trying to get used to my new equipment. And crazy as I am:

Although I have working, original valves GEC KT66 I am just trying to get some good replacements, "just in case!" I know the discussions whether GEC KT66 are the best OR if there are others that cost less and are just as good or better....BUT I ONLY want the GEC KT66 with the nice oval stickers.... <winking.gif>

Problem: In the UK there are many on offer, but at absolutely ridiculous prices. In Germany you don't get them that often, but a little bit cheaper........so I guess I have to be patient....and eat more spam. So, pictures included, to give you an idea.

And as I said, I might have some easy questions concerning valve amps, but won't bother you right now.

Kind regards,


Lothar 2


Lothar 3

Lothar 4

Lothar 5

Lothar 6