HEYBROOK: Calling all HB100 owners

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Neil / editor in chief


I have, for near on 20 years, been the very proud owner of a pair of IAS Beaulieu's - very much a mission of love considering the number of times I move house (one one the passenger seat, one in the back!) and the sheer weight of them. They sport 10" Volt B250's and upgraded crossovers and sound awesome.

But like I said, they're not the most convenient speakers, particularly now, having just moved (again) into a shared house with cardboard walls !! I just cant drive the Beaulieu's as music at volume is a big no no. I listen thru headphones, I've got some good phones ...HD600's, Philips Fideleo X1's and UE triple fi 10 iem's... but there's still times I want to listen through speakers. I'm using a pair of JBL control 5 + SB2 sub which sound pretty good but aren't really designed for home listening and lack a bit of detail and midrange finesse.

Which, after all that waffle, brings me to the Heybrook HB100's. I wasn't really planning on a third pair of speakers but I've seen a pair of HB100's going pretty cheap. I seem to remember Heybrook being much championed back in the day but I dont know much more. I can't find anything useful about this particular model online.

Does anyone have any experience with them and can enlighten me as to their sound and how they ranked at the time. I believe they were in the mid price bracket of the Heybrook range. I'm curious as to how they'd stand up against more modern second hand B&W stand mounters for instance, which seem to be two a penny a the moment.

Any help would be appreciated as I probably wont get the chance to listen before I buy. I do know they're in lovely condition and even come in their original boxes.

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