GALE: “Anybody else here using these old wonders?”

Anybody else here using these old wonders?
I bought a pair of these for my second system.
A year later and now with three rebuilt pairs I have come to love these things and they now reside most of the time in my main system.

Over the years I have owned all sorts of speakers-electrostats, BBC monitors,horns and all sorts of dynamic speakers and on balance I have to say none were better than these Gales.A very complete and coherent sounding speaker.Most of all they sound really big but never like boxes.

A much misunderstood speaker.By reputation they they are very current hungry and require monster SS power amps. But in reality they sound best with good tube amps like the Almarro 318B.Tubes seem to take their sound to a different level-some sort of electrical compatability going on I guess.

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