YAMAHA: Calling all NS 1000M owners and admirers

Guys, These are the speakers I have lusted after for years, ever since I first heard them with the Musical Fidelity F Series separates. I loved them. You would imagine then I'd be over the moon and jumping for joy that I won a pair for £550 last night on eBay. They are a bit beaten up, but apparently work perfectly and have the original grills. I'm comfortable with sanding down the veneer lightly and repainting (advice will be sought from here, obviously).

Strange thing is though, because for me, this is the holy grial, I am having 2nd thoughts. I think I'm worried that I may get them and after living with them, be disappointed. A bit like where James May from Top Gear drove the Lamborghini Countach which was his holy grail and when he got to finally drive one, it was rubbish and it spoilt the illusion.

Has anyone else ever had this sort of problem?! I even called my Dad last night to see if he has ever had this sort of issue, he did say "If you have any doubt, avoid it. But, if I were your age with this hobby I'd already be en route to collect them."

Can someone give me advice on what to look for as obviously, I will be testing them myself before parting with cash - I have to collect them anyway. The seller has not yet been in touch following my initial email to start arranging collection.

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