SANTANA: Toda La Gente Baila (2CD)

Santana Live At Cow Palace San Francisco, CA December 31st 1977. Santana are one of the great American bands from the last forty five years. Beginning life as the Santana Blues Band in the mid-sixties, the band went through a number of changes in personnel before arriving at the “classic” line up of Carlos Santana, Greg Rolie, Michael Shrieve, David Brown, Chepito Areas, Mike Carabello. This line up recorded the first two Santana albums (self-titled Santana album and Abraxas) and appeared at the legendary Woodstock Festival in August 1969.

From this overnight discovery of the band, Santana went on to become one of the most in demand worldwide artists primed for a massive career. The classic line up of the band with the addition of guitarist Neal Schon recorded Santana III in 1971 and then Carlos decided on a change of musical direction. Rolie and Schon left to subsequently form Journey while Carlos Santana led the new band through a more jazz/fusion direction for the next five years releasing albums including Caravanserai, Welcome, Borboletta and Amigos. In early 1977 the band released Festival which harked back to the more Latin Rock approach of the late sixties and early seventies. This was followed by the album Moonflower which was a huge success both in America and the UK where it went into the top ten albums chart.

The band also scored a massive hit from the album with a cover of the Zombies song She’s Not There. Throughout the seventies and eighties Santana continued to release well received albums and tour consistently, playing concerts including an appearance at the legendary Live Aid concert in July 1985. In the late nineties (1998) Santana were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and  the following year released the Supernatural album which included guest appearances from many artists including Rob Thomas from the band Matchbox Twenty, Eric Clapton, Everlast, Lauren Hill and Dave Matthews amongst others.

This album not only provided hits such as Smooth and Maria Maria but also won nine Grammy awards in 1999. This Live radio broadcast comes from Cow Palace San Francisco on New Year’s Eve in 1977. The Moonflower album was well on its way to selling a million copies and would be the last Santana album to do so until Supernatural over twenty years later. The set includes tracks from the album and traditional Santana favourites including Black Magic Woman, Soul Sacrifice and the recent hit single She’s Not There.

Carlos Santana continues to record both as a solo artist and with Santana and in early 2014 the classic line up (Minus David Brown who died in 2000) announced they were going to record a new studio album the first to feature the classic line up since Santana III.

Disc One

01.Dawn 02. Zulu 03. Let The Children Play 04. Jugando 05. Black Magic Woman>  Gypsy Queen 06. Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana) 07. Europa  (Earths Cry Heavens Smile) 08. Batuka 09. Savor  10. Gitano

Disc Two

01. I'll Be Waiting 02. Soul Sacrifice 03. She's Not There 04. Transcendance Credits Carlos Santana: Guitar/Vocals Tom Coster: Keyboards Greg Walker: Vocals

David Margen: Bass Graham Lear: Drums Paul Rekow: Percussion/Vocals Armando Peraza: Percussion Pete Escovedo: Percussion

• This package contains an unreleased  live radio broadcast from Santana on New Year’s Eve in 1977 in San Francisco

• Rarely Seen Photographs • Liner notes by Broadcaster/Author Jon Kirkman • Presented In Replica LP Gatefold Sleeve

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