WHAT: The Music Arranger – what do they do, and why?

George Martin and Ringo Starr

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What does an arranger do?

His primary role is to arrange a piece of music based on the needs or requirements of a performer, a group of performers, a conductor, producer or music director. The arranger makes sure that every aspect of a music piece is well harmonized, from the instruments down to the tempo. The music that an arranger works on may either be an original or an already existing music piece.

What equipment does an arranger need?

Many music arrangers today have their own music studios equipped with necessary tools of the trade including various musical instruments, synthesizers, computers, plug-ins, software, mixers, and microphones. The equipment used usually depends on the arranger's forte and clientele.

What are the qualities of a good arranger?

Arrangers generally know how to play several instruments, have a good grasp of music theory, ability to read and write music, ability to transpose and transcribe, and a strong background in orchestration, ​harmony, and composition. A good arranger must be original, creative and adaptive.

What other pointers should an arranger keep in mind?

Good arrangers must .....

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