TANNOY: Prestige Edinburgh

Today I re-commissioned my Tannoy Edinburghs after almost five years of storage. I've always known they were bass shy, but I didn't know to what extent exactly as I didn't have any measurement software at my disposal back then to check them.

Other 3149 driver owners on the Tannoy forum have reported an increase in the Fs from the mid 30Hz's into the high 60Hz's to high 70Hz's as the doped fabric surrounds have stiffened over time, therefore I was anticipating a similar effect with my Edinburghs.

I've just REW swept them however and the graphs suggest that they start to roll-off from as early as 130Hz (this is the in-cabinet response measured from my listening seat, not the Fs). These measurements were taken from cold, the speakers haven't been used in almost five years, therefore I'm going to play them for a few days to give the cones a fair opportunity to loosen up and then I'll repeat the REW sweeps to see if the response changes (the weaker LF response of the right speaker is I think because it is sited next to a door, - later I’ll measure both speakers in exactly the same position for a fair comparison).