"Delius has featured in the record catalogues since the 1920s and over the years a vast legacy of recorded music has accumulated, including many incomparable - and definitive - performances. Unfortunately the majority of those discs are currently unavailable as nowadays most record companies tend to keep even new issues in their catalogues for a comparatively short period of time. It's true that some recordings do stay in circulation for years, but others can be in the shops for just a few months before being deleted. This makes the task of recommending specific recordings of individual works not only impractical but also frustrating if they're no longer obtainable.

But rest assured, there is plenty of Delius around on CD, with new recordings coming out all the time. What you'll find shown below falls into two categories. Firstly, a selection of what might be called "starter packs" - anthologies containing some essential Delius works which provide a good point of entry if you're starting to explore Delius's music and don't have much - or indeed any - Delius on your shelves. Secondly, you'll find a listing of the most recent Delius recordings to appear and which you can read about in more detail through the published reviews in the relevant edition of The Delius Society Journal."


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