AVANTONE: CLA200 Studio Power Amplifier

CLA200 is a dynamic and classically designed A/B studio power amplifier capable of delivering 200W into 8 ohms per-side. Built in ‘traditional’ classic-studio style, the CLA200 features front-facing transport handles, wide-angle VU meters and high quality Japanese components.

Rather than employing fans for heat regulation, Avantone have utilised convection technology to ensure the amp stays silent during playback and recording, making it a quiet and well-behaved inhabitant of any studio rack.

Whilst the CLA200 is meticulously designed as a perfect partner to Avantone’s CLA10 passive studio reference monitors, they can provide excellent amplification to any brand and model of studio speaker specced at 200W / 8 ohm.

Main Features

High output solidstate power amplifier

  • High output solidstate power amplifier
  • 200W per-side at 8 Ohms
  • Low distortion
  • 19” rackmountable (2U)
  • Quiet convection cooling
  • Large VU meters
  • Toroidal transformer
  • 200W per-side at 8 Ohms

List price is £849 inc vat @ 20% but members of this buying group save A LOT of money on brand new 2019 spec units with 36 month warranty

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