ALBARRY: M408’s and Allison One’s reunited


The wife's away the music will play. I have the weekend to myself and can mess the house up so I rescued the Allison One's from the garage where they have sat patiently for 10 years. I bought them in the early eighties so that makes them nearly 30 years old.

I have been a bit worried that they may have deteriorated but apart from a little bit of mould on the base which wiped off easily they actually looked pretty damn good. Even the front covers have not gone brittle on me.

On inspection one of the mids has been pushed in a bit which is a bummer but only one of the bass drivers has a split in the surround.

The Albarry's were bought before the speakers and have been in constant use up until a few months ago (only ever switched off for 2 house moves).

Hooked up my Audiolab CDQ and held my breathe as I pressed play and turned the volume slowly up till I heard the music. Ear up against all the drivers and they are all working!

I've not turned the volume up too high as yet but the Allison philosophy of room matching to the boundary is still so apparent. One is on the back wall and one on the side wall of the room and the speakers have just disappeared leaving the music. The other thing that I remember about them is that from the next room it sounds so real that you feel the singer is actually there.

The bass was a bit light but I adjusted the rolloff switch at the back and got a bit more depth. So overall I am delighted and a bit relieved that I still have a lovelly pair of Allison One's that with a bit of TLC will most lokely make it back into my system and end my search for that elusive feeling of contentment that I recently lost.

I have also dug out my PS Audio IVa Phono amp and matching VK passive pre with a view to a bit of nostalgia but although I still have my Oracle Alexandria mk1 of the time my Supex SD900 Super MkII has gone.

I'll try and post some pictures for those youngsters who have never seen the Allison One's. The pairing with the M408's is almost legendary and I recently had a chat to Neil Burnett (who has relaunched Albarry Music with the new range of M608's) and he told me he still uses Allison 2's as his reference speakers.

Sorry I've rambled a bit but I am excited!"


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