YAMAHA: R2000 A user’s experiences

This was THE top-of-the-line stereo receiver from Yamaha. This receiver just trounces the famous Marantz receivers. I know, because I had two Marantz receivers. This is a fantastic sounding receiver, bar none. The only reason I am selling this is to upgrade to a Krell receiver at about 4 times the price. In addition to the 3 stock speaker outputs (A, B, & C), I have installed 1 pair of Cardas un-plated copper binding posts which by-pass the speaker selection switch, for best sound, a significant improvement.

These Cardas speaker outputs are still protected by the protection relay, protecting the receiver and your speakers. This was done after the photos were taken. The Cardas posts are installed above the stock speaker outputs. Features: Digital tuner - 7 FM and 7 Am pre-sets "X" Power Amp Circuit 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 20 to 20kHz at 0.015% THD

Will drive virtually any speaker made 3 dB Dynamic Headroom at 8 ohms MOVING COIL and moving magnet phono stage Handles 3 sets of speakers Bass, treble and "Presence" midrange controls Variable loudness control Variable "Spatial Expander" control

Please click HERE for everything we have on this mighty unit

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