SPEAKER CABLES: How thick should they (rather than the buyers!) be?

Our member, Mr Derek Stalin asks:
"It makes a difference, It really does. The following goes totally against my engineering "if you can't measure it, it isn't there" outlook but I've just bought two 3 meter lengths of CHORD RUMOUR 2 and using the same terminations (taken off the previous cable) and using the same amp and speakers, there's a real measurable difference; 'measurable' in the sense that I can hear it. I shouldn't be able to. Even if there's some mechanical difference between the old and new cables in terms of the voltage and current they can carry, the differences in sound should be infinitesimal, far smaller than anything my 59 year old ears can hear, but it's not................
I'm not a 'new age' kind of person; this audible difference that can't be measured puzzles me"

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