What can be tested, must be tested

Not happy with the standard 12AX7 input/driver tube Kai replaced it with NOS Mullard tube from the 1950s. That brought some betterment but not enough that he would not have sent the tubes, along with other tubes, cables, etc., to Germany to have them cryonized, ie. to undergo a process in which the product is frozen up to – 196°C. Now cold-treated, trapped in EAT vibration socks and demagnetized they stand at the prow of Triode’s TRV-M300SE, parallel single-ended mono blocks, and bring their tiny but important share to the overall sound.

Like all other gear in Kai’s system the Triode TRV-M300SE mono blocks are modified eg. caps are upgraded. As for 300B, Kai chose the praised .....

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