TESTING: Audiophile claims and ….. myths

So, we love to have a good discussion/argument/rant here (and on all the other audio forums I have seen) about the many claims audiophiles make that others dismiss as myths. The arguments go round in circles; I hear a difference - but there cannot be a difference, it is all in your mind - have you tried different cables? - I don’t need to it is all in your mind etc etc, we all know how it goes.

Occasionally there are attempts to test such myths. WHF’s own Big Question is an example. Three What Hifi forum members are invited to their listening rooms and have been blind tested on cables to bit rates. From the issues I have read, there is a confirmation that the myths of differences are not correct, the differences are real. Different bit rates have been correctly identified, different cables have produced different sounds in the same Hifi kit. But, they are blind listening reviews, which are different from ABX tests where people are asked to correctly identify products.

Here is a list of blind listening and ABX tests that I have found on the internet. What I have done is summarise their conclusions.

It is important to note the difference between blind and ABX testing as they produce different results.

Blind tests mean the listener does not know what they are listening and are asked to describe any differences they can hear which is a type of blind testing commonly used in audio. That kind of test often results in ......

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