CROSBY, STILLS and NASH: Survival Sunday (CD)

1980 BENEFIT SHOW FROM CS&N WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM THEIR FRIENDS Crosby, Stills and Nash headlined the 1980 “Survival Sunday,” held on May 25th that year. The lineup also included Peter Paul & Marywho joined CSN, Joe Walsh and others on stage for a finale of an appropriate ‘Blowin’ in the Wind.’ CS&N perform in various configurations with Nash opening the set on a solo ‘Military Madness’ followed up with songs by Crosby & Nashtogether, with all three, and with Stills performing with Joe Walsh. The trio too all sing back up on a dynamic ‘Get Back’ fronted by Walsh. The concert of course was one small gesture in a series of similarsmall gestures of the time, but one which hopefully drew more attention to the potential dangers of the nuclear power industry, dangerswhich remain just as controversial today as they did almost 40 years ago.

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