HILL ACOUSTICS: Well it just about whacked me out!

Geoff, from Hill acoustics wrote to Howard thus:

Hi Howard, You know the past few days have been more than a bit frenetic, firstly getting the TTC750, (yes this was the Chamber that was originally due to go off during the Summer) back to here in preparation for the AES 139th Convention in New York at the end of the and month; fitting the microphone mounts and running some comparative measurements before getting it off to Radius Packing in Basildon - highly recommended by the way. For shipment to the USA.

Having all of our Chambers on hand for a change - I decided to make some reference measurements, this time I decided to do it slightly differently though as I reasoned that the IEC Baffle should work reasonably well when used as the core of a ground plane!

Well it was certainly easier than standing it up on side had been. But it was still a pretty nasty task and just about whacked me out. The measurement of a H1207 at 1m on axis of course only took a few seconds but it took over an hour to get it all setup on top of the garden deck and grass!

No wonder no one actually uses these things properly! But at last I had all the data that I needed to update the White Paper, to update the Info Document and my book which is coming on as well

If I say so myself the results are pretty outstanding, the combination of using the IEC as the core of a ground plane gave me 10 to 12mS of clean reflection free data, so it's certainly good to around 100Hz maybe better! I've posted a copy of the White Paper on our Website but include a direct link here for those interested.


Most importantly though was just how well both of the chambers a TTC750 and a TTC350 performed, spot on just apply the equalisation and away you go!

As you know we make some of the finest loudspeaker test chambers with the Tetrahedral Test Chambers of all different sizes. Please let us help you, as we have helped many others to get it right first time.

Please e-mail 'geoff@hillacoustics.com or give a call on +44(0)7967 024518, Go on do it NOW!
Best regards Geoff

p.s. You can of course see more details at our website: http://www.hillacoustics.com

p.p.s My book "How To Design High Quality Loudspeakers" is nearly finished my editor Amit having cleared out a lot of my poor grammar and Incomprehensible language just a bit more data including this to add and it's nearing Publication!

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