HAYDN: String Quartets

An enthusiast writes:

At the moment I can't think of anything more sublime in the field of chamber music than Mozart's output; the string quintets is surely the summit (K593!!!), closely followed by the Piano Trios, the String Quartets, and the 2 Piano Quartets. However, I am preparing to delve into Haydn's output. I already have the String Trios (why aren't they as popular as his symphonies?) with the Beaux Arts Trio and have enjoyed them for years.

What are the recommended recordings of the Haydn String Quartets -the ones that'll make you appreciate these works at the first purchase?

Also, is anybody familiar with the output of Haydn's Scottish songs, done by the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt? I've become a great admirer since listening to their Mozart piano trios. Are these songs worth acquiring? I usually believe that these masters didn't write bad music, only that there are bad performances about.


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