DECCA DERAM: Nostalgia and questions

An enthusiast writes ...

I came across two speakers vintage late 50's or early 60's yesterday. One was a Decca and the other had a label on the back referencing RCA. Both had mahogany finishes. The fellow selling them said that they were being used as furniture in a home he cleaned out. I'm guessing that one was bought at a later date when the owner upgraded to a stereo rig.

I bought the Decca for $5 and left the RCA (which I'll probably regret). When I got the Decca home I opened it up and there are two 10" woofers, a 5" mid and a tweeter in it.

Does anybody know anything about this speaker and if the drivers are any good? I'd like to restore the speaker, with the original drivers if practicable, and use it in a mono setup.

I have pic's but unfortunately cannot find the cable to connect the camera to my PC. I'll keep looking.