BEATLES: Different Record Labels

Black Rainbow

The first label variation on which Beatles records were pressed was the classic black label with a rainbow color band. This variation of the Black Rainbow label was first issued in the early sixties (T-6018) and has a glossy label. The perimeter print shows the word CANADA without brackets. This label variation was kept until 1966 where Capitol Records of Canada was re-incorporated to Capitol Records (Canada). Labels then had the CANADA in brackets, making it easier to differentiate early sixties pressings from late sixties repressings. This label was used for Beatles records until 1968 where they switched to their own label called Apple Reords.

Two plants pressed Beatles records, the indentation ring found on the labels allows us to easily identify which plant pressed a record. RCA had a deep circular groove etched in the label as Compo only had a small ring around the spindle hole.

Some occasional records have a ring resembling a Columbia pressing in some way. These marks are in fact .....

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