DIGITAL COAX CABLES: What sort of difference do they make?

A member asks:

I have been toying with the dilemma as to whether a digital cable could possibly make any perceived improvement to my system for some time. After a lot of research and trawling the web I settled on the Mains Cables R US Ultimate Digital coax as my top choice. To say the least it has been a bit of a revelation given that it is only transferring 1s and 0s to my DAC.

Compared to my previous copper cable the change in sound is quite vast, but then at 4 times the cost it should be. The first thing I noticed was just an overall sense of calm, with to quote Radiohead “Everything in its right place”. There is a lack of digital hash giving all instruments and vocals room to breathe and more importantly be heard. The music flows naturally from the speakers with a room filling 3D sound.

Should a digital cable make a difference? probably not but this one does and for the better. I enjoy tinkering with my system from time to time and its always a pleasant surprise when things turn out for the better. For most it is a take it or leave it subject but in this case I will take it.

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