YAMAHA: R2000 ‘…. goes beyond ordinary stereo to re-create the full depth, presence and excitement of actually being at a live performance’


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The Spatial Expander.
Normal stereo is limited to the space between two speakers. Yamaha Spatial Expander extends the sound field out beyond the speakers. This wider sound stage recreates the ambience and spaciousness of a live performance. There is more space between musicians, more depth and richness to the overal sound . You get the feeling of live sound without the expense of adding extra speakers or amplifiers. The Spatial Expander works with any good stereo source material. Phono, FM or Tape. For the first time you can enjoy the feeling of sitting front row center at your favorite concert.
Continuously variable loudness control.
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At low levels, music sounds like it's missing something. That's because at low volume your ear loses its ability to hear high and low frequencies.
Most "Loudness" controls compensate for this by boosting the high and low frequencies. This can lead to increased distortion. Yamaha found a smoother way. By suppressing the mid-range. And unlike everybody else, we let you adjust the amount of loudness compensation to suit your taste. So at low listening levels you get full, balanced sound without distortion.

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