THE BEATLES: Shea Stadium 1965 (Ltd Japanese Digpak CD)

Translated from Japanese – but not by us!

We are told:

North American tour of summer in the summer of 1965 which became a former unexpected stadium tour in the history of rock. The first day of the Shea Stadium performance, including a number of performances & occasional happenings that occurred on the scene of a large concert where everyone experiences for the first time, including whole paint and replacement etc. without modifications such as overcoating and replacement!

John To the unprecedented high tension Driving the Beatles' wild play can be enjoyed as it is A long-awaited purity live performance recording board! Recorded bonuses of 6 songs from the TV show of the day before! The best vintage in existence The Beatles · Live series from Eternal Grooves, the sixth release from Eternal Grooves to convey their real performances to the present now with remastered from master sound source with unprecedented high quality sound!

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