CHEAP SYSTEMS THAT WORK: The most enjoyable preowned system under £100 in total. EPISODE #01 – the basics


The objective here is to, on a continual basis, refine the best system, under £100, that can be achieved today, pre-owned.


Interconnects, power cords and speaker cables ... in this context are ... in audiophile terms “rubbish”. They aren’t of course, but that’s not really the point. The point is that in the context of the system, the “rubbish” bits do the job.


Every item in the system has been purchased by me off the auction sites.

At this cheap-as-chips level, the individual prices paid are irrelevant. Focus if you will on the system synergy as a whole please.

The experiment has only just got under way. From time to time I’ll purchase a pre-owned item, insert it into the system and see if overall the sound is improved. And then I’ll tell you the differences I have found – if any!


CD player: Sony CDP XE530

Amplifier: Cambridge Audio A1 V3 integrated

Speakers JPW Minim

Interconnects: Very cheap Black Rhodium

Power cords: Only those hard-wired in

Speaker cables: Very cheap anonymous

Headphones: Sony, airport-cheap

Watch this space

Thank you

Mr. A. Miser

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