SIMON and GARFUNKEL: Massachusetts 1967 (Ltd Japanese Digpak CD)

Recorded valuable concerts at Massachusetts' prestigious big tufts on March 11, 1967! Eternal Ballad 'Sound of Silence', Pop Sense 'Red Rubber Ball', 'Emily Emily' In addition to unreleased mega · rare song "Tineei · Moron" added bonus track 3 songs including masterpieces on parade, masterpieces on parade etc. Existing masterpiece album "parsley · Sage, rosemary and time "announced, S & G live at Nori in a single succession live at the Tufts College in March 1967!

The Cyrkle got a huge hit in the national chart 2nd place by the Cyrkle From "Paul composer" Red Rubber Ball ", we listen to concerts full of listening," Konoha leaves green "ending to ending, between songs Hui Including rich MC, including remastered from the existing highest-class vintage master sound source Uncut recorded with unprecedented high quality sound! As a further bonus, super rare said to have been played only twice in S & G history Released three 1966 live songs including number "Teenage Moron" and "Winter walk"!

(Translated from Japanese.)

  1. The Leaves That Are Green
  2. MC by Paul Simon
  3. Sparrow
  4. Homeward Bound
  5. You Do not Know Where Your Interest Lies
  6. MC by Paul Simon
  7. A Most Peculiar Man
  8. MC by Art Garfunkel

9 Red Rubber Ball

  1. MC by Art Garfunkel
  2. The Dangling Conversation
  3. MC by Paul Simon
  4. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin 'Groovy)
  5. MC by Art Garfunkel
  6. Richard Cory
  7. MC by Art Garfunkel

17 Benedictus

  1. MC by Paul Simon
  2. Blessed
  3. MC by Art Garfunkel
  4. A Poem On The Underground Wall
  5. I Am A Rock
  6. Anji
  7. The Sound of Silence
  8. MC by Paul Simon
  9. For Emily Whenever I May Find Her
  10. A Church Is Burning
  11. Wednesday Morning 3 AM

[Live at Tufts University, Medford, MA, March 11th 1967]

  1. Hazy Shades Of Winter
  2. Cloudy
  3. MC by Paul Simon
  4. Teenage Moran

[Live at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, October 21st 1966]

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