PS AUDIO: Temples of sound

For a small handful, it is possible to build temples of sound—a dedicated purpose-built room.

They are rare.

More of us convert existing space into dedicated listening areas that we revere as our sound temples, but the vast majority simply plop down our systems in the living room or den and do what we can to coexist with the needs of everyday living.

In my 45 plus years of immersion into the art of home audio reproduction, I have seen very few stand-alone temples of sound. And of those, fewer still that bettered what I have so many times heard in the more common confines of everyday rooms.

It occurs to me that when we invest so heavily in building from scratch that perfect room we lose some of the gutsy compromises one must make in order to maximize that which we have to work with.

Perhaps it’s like artists who do their best work when they’re unknown and struggling.

It’s often the challenge of making do with what you have that churns out masterpieces.

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