OH DEAR: LS3/5a – Overpriced (and or) overrated?

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Howard Popeck / Features Editor


We were having a discussion recently here in the office. Obviously we were chatting about Hi-fi and in particular how much some vintage gear is selling for on eBay. We ended up making a list of what we thought was overpriced and or overrated. Neil said the LS3/5A was overpriced at around £1,000. Thirty years ago the LS3/5A was a good little speaker and reasonably priced. Neil opined that there are much better drive units out there than the B110/T27 combo and that £1,000 would buy a much better speaker. I'm not so sure.

Also the Garrard 301 and 401. Both good in their day but again there are much better value decks out there. I prefer the Pink Triangle and Funk performance but recognise that these venerable rim-drives still have a place.

Looking back at my Subjective Audio days where I was very successful with Michell Engineering, I'm convinced that in 2014 a considerable waste of money on eBay is their Hydraulic Reference Transcription Turntable if the sellers achieve their inflated asking prices. Yes, of course one of the most iconic and beautiful bits of kit ever built but it sounded average at best back then and certainly so today. There are many more, but we’d like to know what you all think.

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