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Ground Cable

Your components are grounded. Your AC wall outlet is grounded. Why aren’t your circuit boards? We’ve found that most audio circuit boards are not connected to an AC ground leading to less than optimal sonic results. Our Ground Cables improve the performance of your system by providing these boards with a direct path to ground. Each Ground Cable comes pre-terminated with one of several connections for the component end (RCA, XLR, Spade, Pin) and an AC Wall Plug at the other end. Ground Cables are exclusively wired from ground to ground, no other pins or connections are wired. Simply connect the Ground Cable to an unused input on the component then plug the cable directly into the wall. The results are stunning with a massive drop in noise and a huge increase in clarity. Ground Cables are available in a variety of connections to suit any component, ground them all and hear deeper into every recording.

“High frequencies were considerably cleaner, sweeter and more realistic. Mids and bass lines gained complexity and nuance that had a greater ring of truth. I achieved better resolution, cleaner dynamic range, more accurate tonal character and better treble.” 6moons, July 2017

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