CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D. (Vinyl LP)

Led by multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves (ex-ELECTRIC WIZARD, ex-IRON MONKEY)

• Recommended if you like: ELECTRIC WIZARD, PINK FLOYD, KYLESA

• 57-minute EP!

• Including a lengthy, 2-part mind-blowing cover of PINK FLOYD's classic "Echoes"

• The B-side of the vinyl editions is beautifully etched

• Transparent clear vinyl edition strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide

• The coloured LP editions are strictly limited to one pressing each

• Sixth full-length coming soon!

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have confounded critics trying to pin their style down ever since multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves recorded his first ideas in 2004, after making himself a name as drummer for IRON MONKEY and ELECTRIC WIZARD. This earned them tag attempts ranging from stoner prog through freak folk to psychedelic doom. With their New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D. the eclectic UK rock band continues to subconsciously draw from influences as diverse as TYPE O NEGATIVE and PINK FLOYD - the latter receiving a respectful yet unique homage in the shape of a 37-minute cover version of their classic composition Echoes. Despite the wide range of musical leanings, there are a unifying dark streak and somber melancholy running through the songs. While New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D. heralds the band's upcoming tour this autumn, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX are preparing to release their next full-length on Season of Mist.

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