THE BYRDS: The Lost Broadcasts (DVD) –

This CD/DVD is taken from performances from a German television broadcast filmed over two dates in 1971 and 1972, the band at this time featured Roger McGuinn alongside Skip Battin, Clarence White Gene Parsons. The first session from May,19, 1971 featured newer material including Chestnut Mare, Mr Tambourine Man and Eight Miles High. On the second session from October 1972 the band features drummer John Guerin and they performed versions of Black Mountain Rag and So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star.

1. Black Mountain Rag (Oct 72) 2. Chestnut Mare (May 71) 3. So You Want to Be A Rock n Roll Star (Oct 72) 4. Eight Miles High (May 71) 5. Black Mountain Rag (Oct 72) 6. Black Mountain Rag & Soldier's (Oct 72) 7. Soldier's Man (May 71) 8. Rock N Roll Star (Oct 72) 9. Chestnutmare (May 71) 10. Mr Tambourine Man (May 71) 11. Eight Miles High (May 71) (Gonzo/PHD)

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