BECK: Roskilde Festival (CD)

Introduced in the mid-nineties to production duo du jour The Dust Brothers, producers of the Beastie Boys 1989 classic Paul s Boutique, Beck brought the pair in to work on the follow up to his 1995 major label debut Mellow Gold. Blending together elements of country, blues, rap and jazz, augmented by months of dubbing, layering and sampling, Odelay was released on 18th June 1996.

The album was an instant critical success, winning two Grammy Awards and was voted Album Of The Year by both Village Voice and NME. The record went Platinum in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, and maintains a high level of acclaim to this day. Beck capitalised on the success of Odelay by completing nearly 200 shows globally in 1996 and 1997, during which, on the 29th June 97, he played the legendary Roskilde Festival in Denmark, the largest event of its kind in Northern Europe.

The full set was recorded and broadcast live across the continent, as well as in the USA, on FM radio. The entire recording is now featured on this CD, showcasing the enormous talents of this musical maverick at a time when his reputation was about to explode worldwide. This CD also includes bonus cuts from Beck s performance at The Phoenix Festival the year before, on 19th July 1996

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