SPEAKER CABLES: Do they have a ‘sound’?

Steve Guttenberg writes:

It's a safe bet that your speaker cables don't look like Nordost's ultra-flat cables. Founded in 1991, Nordost is a high-technology cable manufacturer using conductor technology that was initially developed for the aerospace industry. Nordost designs and builds all of its audio, digital and video cables in its facilities in Holliston, Massachusetts. For this review I'm focusing on Nordost's speaker and headphone cables.

I still have a set of Nordost Super Flatline speaker cables from 10 or 12 years ago, and this pair has been used in hundreds of speaker reviews. Not only do the cables still sound great, their copper conductors aren't the least bit tarnished, and Nordost's proprietary banana plugs still provide a firm grip on binding posts after hundreds of insertions. No other banana plug has been as reliable over the long term.

Today I'm reviewing Nordost's Red Dawn speaker cables, which feature silver-plated, solid-core copper conductors and FEP extrusion insulation. These flat cables are extremely durable and can be run under carpets and rugs; the cables can be bent and folded into room corners without damaging the insulation.

When I hooked up the Red Dawn cables between my First Watt J2 power amplifier and Zu Druid V speakers the ....

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