SPIRIT: Two Sides of A Rainbow (2CD)

Another release from the archives of the late great RANDY CALIFORNIA. Recorded in 1978 at London’s now defunct Rainbow Theatre, this 2 CD set features SPIRIT in power trio mode with a line up of RANDY CALIFORNIA, ED CASSIDY, and on bass LARRY ‘FUZZY’ KNIGHT.

Painstakingly assembled by keeper of the flame MICK SKIDMORE from the original live tapes, ‘Live at the Rainbow’ features on disc one the entire actual show. This includes SPIRIT classics such as ‘Natures Way’, ‘Animal Zoo’, and ‘I Got a Line on You’.

Disc 2 is the thirty-five minutes on encores followed by the U.S version of LIVE SPIRIT.

This package comes with rare photographs and liner notes by MICK SKIDMORE, who also produced, mastered, and edited this storming set.

Disc 1:

  • Rainbow Jam Electro Jam,
  • Mr. Skin,
  • Natures Way,
  • Like A Rolling Stone,
  • Hollywood Dream,
  • Animal Zoo,
  • 1984,
  • Hey Joe,
  • Looking Down,
  • Love Charged,
  • All The Same,
  • I Got A Line On You.

Disc 2:

  • All Along The Watchtower,
  • Downer,
  • Turn To The Right,
  • Rainbow Jam Electro Jam Return,
  • Stone Free,
  • Wild Thing,
  • Rock and Roll Planet,
  • Natures Way,
  • Animal Zoo,
  • Looking Down,
  • 1984,
  • All The Same,
  • I Got A Line On You,
  • These Are Words,
  • Hollywood Dream.

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