PRE-OWNED: What’s the best hifi second hand bargain you’ve had or missed out on?

I lived in Manchester in the mid 1990s and looked in the ad paper Loot and saw a Linn Sondek with Lingo and ekos for £50 , I immediately phoned at 9.30am thinking I'd be first in but a caller had already seen it and was on his way to buy, I was gutted for weeks, funnily though a few years later I bought a high end Sony cd player ( in gold with a sliding top drawer for £75 ) anyone else got any interesting similar stories to tell surely there are loads on here of such events?.

Interestingly the Linn was a real thing, it was a lady who had it and hadn't a clue what it was worth, I phoned her the following day to see if still available?, you know the reply I'm sure.

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