ROY WOOD: Original Album Series (5CD)

The Move – Message From The Country (CD1)

  • Message From The Country
  • Ella James
  • No Time
  • Don’t Mess Me Up
  • Until Your Moma’s Gone
  • It Wasn’t My Idea To Dance
  • The Minister
  • Ben Crawley Steel Company
  • The Words Of Aaron
  • My Marge

The Electric Light Orchestra – The Electric Light Orchestra (CD2)

  • 10538 Overture
  • Look At Me Now
  • Nellie Takes Her Bow
  • The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644)
  • First Movement (Jumping Biz)
  • Mr. Radio
  • Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)
  • Queen Of The Hours
  • Whisper In The Night

Roy Wood - Boulders (CD3)

  • Songs Of Praise
  • Wake Up
  • Rock Down Low
  • Nancy Sing Me a Song
  • Dear Elaine
  • (a)All The Way Over The Hill (b)Irish Loafer (And His Hen)
  • Miss Clarke And The Computer
  • When Gran’Ma Plays The Banjo
  • Rock Medley: (a) Rockin’ Shoes  (b)She’s Too Good For me  (c) Locomotive

Wizzard – Wizzard Brew (CD4)

  • You Can Dance The Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Meet Me At The Jailhouse
  • Jolly Cup Of Tea
  • Buffalo Station-Get On Down To Memphis
  • Gotta Crush (About You)
  • Wear A Fast Gun

Roy Wood – On The Road Again (CD5)

  • (We're) On The Road Again
  • Wings Over The Sea
  • Keep Your Hands On The Wheel (Said Marie To The Driver)
  • Colourful Lady
  • Road Rocket
  • Backtown Sinner
  • Jimmy Lad
  • Dancin' At The Rainbow's End
  • Another Night
  • Way Beyond The Rain



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